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Want video content that delivers results? Discover the magic of motion graphics!

Epitome Collective is a leading production house and motion graphics studio in Singapore that has worked with numerous local and global brands to turn their concepts into cohesive branded content video productions.


Gone are the days when simple or static video content could make a real splash. But guess what? With the addition of mesmerising motion graphics, your video content becomes an absolute showstopper!

Motion graphics are often incorporated into videos to successfully grab the attention of the target audience. These creative visualisation tools can immediately communicate your brand’s vision and identity with the audience to tell your true brand story.

Epitome Collective provides motion graphics to add more depth and character to your content. We aren’t just your average motion graphics studio in Singapore – we offer more than just stunning videos but materials that capture the essence of your brand. We don’t just create what you want. Instead, we collaborate with your creative team to come up with innovative ways that add more value to any video production.


Are you in need of a motion graphics production company that can create attention-grabbing video content and branded content video productions? Look no further! Our motion graphics studio has helped clients in Singapore make their big ideas happen by taking their campaigns to greater heights.


The use of motion graphics in Tiger Raw and Arcade’s campaign enables our studio to emphasise the movements of each artist, dancer, chef, and musician featured in this video. Through motion graphics, we were able to awaken the energy of the scenes of the campaign of one of Singapore’s most-acclaimed beer brands.

Pomelo SS21

Pomelo’s Spring Summer 2021 collection exudes fun and fresh colours and styles inspired by the psychedelic vibe of the seventies. Motion graphics production enabled us to embody the main theme of the brand’s fashion collection with playful graphics in even more playful hues.


TikTok for Business’s round-up needed to showcase the platform’s milestones and achievements across the past year, while also highlighting the best of its user-generated content. Through adding playful, colourful, and lighthearted motion graphics, we captured the power of the global platform in enabling creators to reach out and build connections with their audience.


Tickle the viewer’s curiosity, stir up emotions, and make people understand your brand the way you want them to! We here at Epitome Collective can help you capture your audience’s attention through relevant and relatable content.

We are a company in Singapore that offers motion graphics production services, video commercial productioncorporate video productionpost production services, and more. Drop us a message today at, or give us a call at +65 91700616!

Meet The Talented Team Behind Our Motion Graphics Production Services

Epitome Collective prides itself on having a diverse and talented team that brings our motion graphics projects to life:

Film Director

Our Film Director brings to the table extensive experience in steering diverse motion graphics projects. They translate the unique requirements of our clients into engaging, visually striking motion graphics narratives.

Social Media Strategist

Our Social Media Strategist ensures that our motion graphics resonate with your target audiences. They understand the latest social media trends and align them with your brand objectives for impactful motion graphics content.


Our Producers are experts in managing the entire lifecycle of motion graphics production. They streamline the process from conceptualisation to post-production, ensuring every motion graphics project is delivered on time and to perfection.

Videographers and Editors

Our Videographers and Editors, skilled at creating captivating motion graphics content, utilise cutting-edge techniques to ensure our videos always stand out, making a lasting impression.

Motion Graphics and Animation Artists

Our team of artists excel at creating striking and dynamic graphics and animations, their skills amplify the messaging of our videos, capturing the essence of your brand visually.

Together, they forge the creative powerhouse that is Epitome Collective, delivering motion graphics that truly personify your brand’s unique story.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Motion Graphics Production Services