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Videos are quickly becoming king in the social media landscape. Not only are social media videos visually appealing, but also effective at keeping your audience engaged.

Social videos open up doors to generate leads, create brand loyalty and boost engagement. And behind every successful brand or business, there is a social media video production company that helps them present their products and services distinctively and efficiently to the world through captivating videos. As a social media video production agency, we can help you make the best use of videos for your social media marketing strategy.

Types of Social Media Videos

Videos have started dominating the social media landscape for a while now. Not only are they more visually appealing than texts, but they are also effective in retaining the attention of your audience. Leverage on social platforms algorithms by staying miles ahead of your competitors, here are some of the social media video types you can consider for your marketing strategy:

1. Promoting Offers and Deals

Let’s face it — everybody loves a good sale. Customers are always interested in knowing what offers and deals a brand has to offer. Hence, creating videos promoting your latest offers and sales will always keep you a step ahead.

Here is how we recently collaborated with Pomelo for their 11.11 sale and revealed their exciting offers in the most creative way.

2. Making Announcements

Social media is a great way to make any announcements about your products and services. Rather than keeping it simple, you can go the creative route, just like we did for Singapore Airlines, by creating a video about their safety precautions. 

3. Demonstrating Products

Social videos can also help influence your audience’s purchase decisions.

See how our agency collaborated with Under Armour by executing this campaign to inspire local sports enthusiasts while highlighting the benefits of their product.

Epitome Collective – The Social Media Video Production Agency You’re Looking For

Planning to take your brand forward through great visual storytelling? Epitome Collective, one of Singapore’s leading social video production agencies, can pave the way for you. Our team of creatives possesses the requisite skill and expertise and is passionate about bringing creative ideas to life. 

To get your audience talking about your brand, here are the steps we take in creating the best social media video for you:

  • Pre-Production– In this stage, we discuss goals, generate ideas and plan out the script and strategy for the video.
  • Production– The stage where the creative ideas are converted into visual storytelling.
  • Post-Production– This step involves editing the audio and the visual materials to create the final video.

Take your brand a notch higher by enticing your social media audience through an engaging video that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Tell us about the visions you have for your brand, and our social video production team will turn them into reality.

Apart from social media video production, our agency can also help you with TV commercial video production, corporate video production, branded content video production and more. Connect with us today and let the magic happen.

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