Our Obsession with Post Production Turned into Services

Want to work with a post production company that’s obsessed with every single detail? 

At Epitome Collective, we stitch up your jumbled ideas together into one compelling video. We are a post production company that provides superior post production services to clients who want to increase brand awareness and widen their audience.

Post-production plays a vital role in marketing as it allows you to create comprehensive content that shows your brand’s true identity. Epitome Collective can perform any work done on any project after it is created or produced. Our services range from video editing, cut-downs, adaptations to colour grading. Our production company has worked with many businesses in Singapore to help their brands’ messages be heard. 

Why Choose Us for Your Post Production Needs?

As a production house, our goal is to make complex things simpler.  We provide our clients with the best content possible to help turn their big ideas into reality. We’ve mastered the art of creating larger than life video production projects by utilising a wide range of editing tools. Our engaging content enables us to reach out to like-minded markets that can relate to the visual materials we produce.

From video editing and sound design to motion graphics and colour grading, we can help elevate your video material to create compelling content. We can deliver strong brand content that can speak to your target audience. Through our “audience first” approach and post production services, we can bring your brand closer to your consumers by creating informative yet entertaining video content.

Epitome Collective Post Production Works

We help our clients tell their unique stories through short yet inspiring videos. We’ve got a lot of videos we want to show off but these are the post-production projects we’ve done with various clients in Singapore that showcase what Epitome Collective is all about. 

Under Armour

Kirstie Gannaway’s #U1st campaign with global brand, Under Armour, emphasises on her focus and mindfulness of the things that helped her build the habits that helped her achieve success. Fierce scenes showcase the competitive and fighting spirit of one of Singapore’s most prominent women pro fighters.


Bold, loud, and striking colours fill Fanta’s “Make Fun” campaign as a way to inspire the youth to embrace the fun side of life. Relatable and real-life situations were incorporated into this video to effectively communicate the brand’s message to the younger generation.

Singapore Airlines

As Singapore Airlines welcomes back their passengers after a long period of travel break, the country’s flagship airline is back with their signature hospitality and higher safety and precautionary standards. Singapore Airlines’ video perfectly shows how it is embracing passengers back with their signature hospitality.

Work with Epitome Collective Today

Got a project in mind? Connect and work with Epitome Collective and watch your brilliant ideas come to life! If you want a forward-thinking post production company willing to push the envelope with creative and bold concepts, we’re the perfect match for you. Together with our talented creatives, we can help create polished and in-the-now video content for your brand. 

Interested in working with the leading post production company in Singapore? Drop us a message on info@epitomecollective.com. We will help turn your vision into something that can help grow your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Post Production Services

1. What makes good post production?

Good post production produces high-quality engaging content that can communicate your brand’s values, identity, and objectives effectively with the target audience. It involves creating a strong visual pacing and blending together cohesive video materials that tell a story to entice people to support your brand because they can relate to the message you want to convey. Epitome Collective offers post production and other video production services that can help you promote your brand.

2. What are the components of post production?

Epitome Collective offers post production services that includes the following components:

  • Video Editing – We string raw footages and individual shots together to create an understandable narrative that can communicate with the target market.
  • Motion Graphics – We style and manipulate graphics and images to make interesting videos to tickle the interest of your viewers.
  • Colour Grading – We alter the colour saturation, brightness, and other important elements to set the mood for each scene to deliver a compelling message to the audience.

3. How long does post production take?

Turnaround time for post production services depends on the client’s requirements and the complexity of the project but this stage of video production definitely takes longer than the shooting or filming stage. On average, it takes three working days to three weeks to scour through raw footage and create it into the final cut. This process may take longer if more complex video editing and effects such as CGI and animation are required.

4. How much does post production cost?

Post production costs vary, depending on the type or service and amount of work required for each project. For more information about our pricing, you can contact us at +65 91700616 or via email.