Thumb-stopping Branded Content Video Productions

A branded content video is one of the best ways to develop an instant connection with your target audience. Here at Epitome Collective, we understand the importance of brand identity and we craft your brand story in the art form of video production – and we’re here to help you create unforgettable videos of your own.

When done right, branded content videos help to position your brand in the market, showcase its unique identity, and connect you directly to consumers out there. In today’s media-driven world, a high-quality and polished branded video is key to standing out from the crowd – resulting in social media buzz that gains your brand visibility and trust amongst consumers.

A branded content video needs to be both consumer-oriented and brand-oriented in order to keep the audience’s focus on the message you’re trying to convey, while still highlighting your company’s unique point of view. This delicate balancing act needs the input of an experienced production company to ensure that your brand voice and message are delivered as clearly as possible.

We can make this happen for you.

The Process of Our Branded Video Production

From the beginning of the production process to the final details, our team works closely with you to find the right way to highlight your brand’s unique identity and ensure it will resonate with your target audience. Showcase what sets you apart from the rest with an engaging branded content video by Epitome Collective today!

Get to know our branded video production process:

Know Your Story

To make an effective branded content video, we first get to know what your brand is all about. This means learning about your values, story, and services. That way we can introduce your brand to your target market and clearly communicate your message during production.

Storyboard and Scriptwriting

Then, we create a storyboard, so we can visualise how to tell your brand’s story through the lens of the camera.


Once the planning stage is over, we get into filming with our cutting-edge techniques to capture significant moments for your brand that tell the audience who you truly are and what you represent.

Video Editing

Then, we go into post-production to piece everything together, refine footage, add motion graphics or other elements if necessary, and then weave in engaging sound tracks, foleys, and voice overs.

For Branded Content Video Production, Work with Epitome Collective

When you want an experienced team to work on your branded video content production, look no further than Epitome Collective.

Our video production company has worked with a lot of esteemed brands for corporate video productions to create unforgettable branded content videos. We’ve also done social media video production and commercial photography to diversify the media content your company can produce to get the attention of your target audience.

Meet Our Stellar Social Video Production Team

Our exceptional social media videos are brought to life by an equally exceptional production team. Allow us to introduce our key players:

  • Film Director: A master in directing diverse video content, our film director creates captivating branded videos that align with the unique demands of social media platforms.
  • Social Media Strategist: With a deep understanding of social media trends, our strategist ensures our content meets your objectives and engages your audience effectively.
  • Producers: Our experienced producers oversee the entire production process, ensuring high-quality content delivered within your timeline and budget.
  • Videographers & Editors: Our skilled videographers and editors excel at creating visually captivating videos that make an impact in the fast-paced world of social media.
  • Motion Graphics & Animation Artists: Our team of artists specialises in creating engaging graphics and animations, enhancing the storytelling and messaging of our videos.

Together, the Epitome Collective team is here to bring your vision to life. Get thumb-stopping videos, impeccable sounds, and captivating storytelling when you work with our company today. If you want to know more about our services, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Branded Content Video Production