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08 December 2022

Video Production Services Tailored To Your Brand Needs

Video commercials are like many things… 

It’s the sneaky game trailer filled with easter eggs, hooking you in to play on.

It’s the plot twist in that manga you’ve been following, potentially surprising and emotionally engaging.

It’s the headlining news all up in bold, highlighting what’s most important.

It’s the sole desk lightdesklight in our storeroom, illuminating and providing clarity (also preventing calamity).

Basically, you get the drift of things. 

Creative marketing videos can achieve many purposes when framed differently but the bottom line is it’s important and increasingly so. After all, in today’s digital age of addictive doom scrolling, there is simply nothing more effective in connecting with audiences than a good and impressionable commercial that stands out. 

And here is where we insert a shameless (but relevant) plug: if you or your marketing manager need a bit more convincing, we’d recommend taking a look at our informative blog on why video marketing is a business staple for more context!

Made-for-you video commercial services at Epitome Collective

At Epitome Collective Singapore, we see video marketing and commercials as an essential extension of your brand so we always do our best to make sure your video shines like a flamingo in a crowd of pigeons! 

(p.s. if you need a more subtle option, we can do that too, don’t worry)

With this awareness fully drilled into our consciousness, all hands are on deck whenever we craft our varying approaches to creative video production. No matter if your goal is to build brand awareness, drive sales, or generate leads, we make it a point to cater our video commercial style to suit your unique needs.

Have a peep at some of our proudest projects! We are sure you won’t find overlaps in this stellar selection.

1. Storytelling Narratives

Humans are creatures of emotion, thus, one of the most popular and impactful video marketing strategies is storytelling marketing. This approach taps into the inner emotions and heartfelt feelings of viewers by telling a story that is relatable and resonates with them. 

Amongst our clients, Exxon Mobil is a great example of commercial projects where brand stories have been fused into the essence of their marketing campaigns. Intended to connect with audiences by telling the brand’s story in a relatable manner, we highlighted the brand’s identity and how it’s services impacts various individuals, such as logistics providers, drivers, and passengers. 

Additionally, we focused on post-production elements such as colour grading and music synchronisation to enhance the storytelling and emotional experience.

Another example is our project, Under Armour: Kirstie Gannaway where we used Kirstie’s actual voice for the narration of her personal story towards creating the habit of mindfulness. Combined with our technical expertise in selecting remarkable transitions and the best video angles, we captured the power and drive she communicates in her story that reflects Under Armour’s brand image of grit and perseverance.

2. Explanatory or Introductory Videos

If you are like us – with a minimal amount of attention span – when it comes to learning about new products, brands or services, a whole block of text is basically our nightmare incarnate. This is where explanatory or introductory videos come in handy to clarify and introduce necessary information, such as the short video we made for Singapore Airlines Welcome Back campaign

Unlike regular commercials, this creative video was made to inform passengers about the company’s safety precautions onboard their aircrafts and from the airport. The video features a clean and polished editing style, coupled with demonstrations by Singapore Airline crews which heightens the sense of security and assurance for viewers. 

3. Brand Campaigns

As we all know, branding is a multi faceted task but for video commercials meant to expound upon the brand and make an impression on viewers, they have to be impactful and memorable while being relatable and shareable. 

For our collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth (MCCY), we did just that with a technique that is all too familiar during the good ol’ harlem shake era – freeze-frame shots. 

Coloured and styled to be whimsical, cinematic yet deeply grounded in a sense of community, the project aims to promote MCCY as a brand and platform for Singaporeans of all interests and backgrounds to explore their curiosities across various fields or services. The freeze-frame shots add on to this feeling of exploration as we dive into the scene to highlight the unique qualities of each group. 

Also take a look at our R10T brand launch video where the video production process included content like teasers and logo reveals. With our masterful application of production and post-production methods, editing high-intensity shots and swift video transitions made for a sleek commercial that highlights the brand’s fitness programs and intense focus.

4. Humour-filled Marketing 

Humour is what makes the most imposing things in life seem easier to encounter and digest. Which is precisely why we incorporated a distinct strain of humility, authenticity and fun into our Great Eastern Great Life Advantage video commercial to make details about the brand’s insurance policy pop out!

With smart gamification, strategic scene cuts and a seamless editing style as well as a character that goes through the policy’s benefits, viewers are more likely to form an easier connection with the brand and remember more about the policy. 

Let Epitome Collective Help You

As the famous quote goes “Doing Business without Advertising is like Winking at Someone in the Dark. You Know What You are Doing, but Nobody Else Does.” 

So take it from us and the brands we’ve just shown you – don’t make that rookie mistake. Let us help you bring your business and brand to greater heights in Singapore and beyond. With our proven expertise as a leading creative production house in Singapore, you will be in great hands no matter if you are looking for video production, editing or other creative services!

Contact us today if you’ve got any ideas you want to pick our minds on. If not? No fear, we’ll come up with a mastermind plan for you and your unique circumstances.