KFC – Gold Spice


We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with KFC on their ongoing #BITEME campaign for the mouth-watering Gold Spice flavor! Our team of directors, producers, and editors worked diligently to bring the campaign to life through our unique and innovative video production approach.

During the pre-production phase, we worked closely with RGA and KFC to ensure that the video content effectively communicated the deliciousness of the new menu item while also showcasing the excitement and anticipation of fans. We conducted research on the latest trends and cultural insights to ensure that the video content would resonate with KFC's target audience.
During the production phase, we used our expertise to capture stunning visuals of the Gold Spice flavor, including close-up shots that highlighted the spices and textures of the chicken. We filmed select individuals taking a bite out of the competition to launch the campaign.
Finally, during the post-production phase, we added pacing and tempo through foley ASMR sounds and music to create a vibe that would make the audience crave the Gold Spice Chicken.
We carefully edited the footage to ensure that every shot and angle highlighted the deliciousness of the new menu item, making it truly mouth-watering.
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