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18 November 2022

Video Content Marketing And Why It Should Be A Business Need

There’s no running away from it, because video content marketing is going to be a business staple.

After all, for any person in this digital age, video content marketing is extremely commonplace. These videos are everywhere, from hilarious Tiktok product reviews, to shareable Instagram ads, or even touching commercials before that next clip on Youtube. 

Process of Video Content Marketing

But first, let’s get some basics out of the way. 

Generally, video content marketing processes can be sectioned into pre-production, production, and post-production phases. 

In the pre-production phase, we’ll be busy planning everything you require. From ideas and strategies to manpower and equipment – the more details and accuracy you have in this phase, the better the flow. 

For the second phase, production officially begins, and the camera starts to roll. So make sure your schedule is well-planned, and your team is fully prepared to film!

Lastly, in the post-production phase, everything comes together. This is where you edit, cut and assemble raw footage with necessary edits, sound design, and colour grading added into the mix.

Why Choose Professional Video Content Marketing Services?

The process of commercial video content marketing is an absolute pain. 

Of course, you can always bank on the steady popularity of short-form video content to upload anything with your smartphone. However, by refusing the talents and services of a professional video production company, you will limit your opportunity to create something impactful for your audience. 

Think big names like SpotifyFanta and Adidas or even Singapore and regional companies such as Hilton and Pomelo– do you recall a classic slogan, aesthetic or melody? If you do, then they have done an incredible job at branding, which is what your business needs to stay in your audiences’ minds. 

Benefits of Video Content Marketing

Need a bit more of a nudge? Then keep your eyes peeled for these benefits of video marketing. 

(don’t be shy to copy them into your next marketing campaign proposal because we are pretty darn sure it’ll help)

1. Breaking down difficult concepts easily

First up, whether you’re trying to explain a new product or concept or demonstrate how to use a tool or service, videos can help you get your message across clearly and engagingly. According to a YouTube survey, the second most common reason for watching videos is to learn something

Consumers are much more likely to remember information presented in video format over any other form of media, so why not?

2. Google loves videos

Major search engines like Google also love video content marketing. If you want to drive more traffic to your site, make use of video content to promote, sell, and generate a buzz. Furthermore, 86% of viewers want more videos from brands, so it is a crime to deny your audience what they want.

3. High ROI

Video content marketing is often recognised for having a high return on investment (ROI) – a statement backed by 89% of surveyed video marketers in a Wyzowl survey. In fact, companies that use video marketing typically see a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines, and Unbounce’s findings even show an 80% increase in conversion when video content is used on landing pages. 

Evidently, with the right content strategy and approach, video marketing can be an effective and cost-efficient way to drive growth for your business.

4. Increasing online engagement

If you are looking to connect with your audience and build a community around your brand, videos on social media are also an engaging and interactive content medium that can help you with that.

In fact, HubSpot’s research shows that 54% of customers prefer watching marketing videos from a brand they support to any other form of content. 

5. Encourage social media sharing and boost brand presence

Videos are highly shareable, easily generating 1200% more shares than other content like texts and images combined. This makes good video production a powerful contribution to any marketing campaign meant to increase your company’s presence and reach on social media. 

How can Epitome Collective’s Commercial Video Services help

At Epitome Collective, great brands require an equally powerful video content production team as support. While we may be a lean video production company here in Singapore, there is not a single piece of commercial or social media work our team is scared to show off. 

That’s because, at Epitome Collective, we never settle for good enough. If you have an idea, we’ll push it further to make it the best version. If you have a goal in mind but nothing else, we’re happy to work things out to create what you never thought possible. 

Here’s a brief look into the scope of what Epitome Collective actually does for video content marketing projects. 

Creative Services

Everything starts with a story. You figure out what you want to convey, and we will handle the hows. 

Bold concepts, innovative ideas, compelling storyboards and provoking film treatments. We stretch our creative capabilities to bring out the full potential and impact of your company’s brand, values, ideas, products and services. 

Production Services

The star of the show, Epitome Collective is known for our video content production services, where we bring those ideas to life in the most engaging form. 

Our company strives to let your brand speak for itself in Singapore and beyond through radical marketing content that serves your goals. Think bold TV commercials, viral branded content marketing, genuine testimonial videos, clean explainers, cool social media assets and stunning commercial photography. We also help with editing and adding extra sleek visual or sound effects to really seal the deal and deliver the best work!

Previous Works

Doubting what you’re reading? Well then, you’ll have to see Epitome Collective’s works for yourself. Here are some of our favourite moments with great clients, like Amazon Prime’s adVISA’s #WhereYouShopMatters campaign and Singapore Airline’s “Welcome Back” videos